FUndraiser ALERT

For the whole month of July, the OASIS Center will raffle off gift cards from locally owned Orcutt businesses. Every weekday, a lucky winner will randomly be selected to take home one of these great gift cards. Part of the fun – if you’re a winner, it doesn’t end there! Your ticket will be placed back into the drawing pool, meaning you could win multiple times!


we are OASIS

Since its establishment as a non-profit organization in 1984, OASIS has played a pivotal role in serving seniors in Northern Santa Barbara County. OASIS, which stands for “Orcutt Area Seniors In Service,” was founded by local seniors who were driven by a shared commitment to serving their community, supporting and uplifting their fellow community members in their golden years.


Over the past 39 years, OASIS has evolved into a beloved and essential institution for local adults, providing them with a welcoming and nurturing environment. It has become a home away from home, offering fellowship, service opportunities, personal growth, and development. The organization is primarily volunteer-driven, with members actively engaged in giving back to their community.


Members help distribute food to the community!

We do fun stuff!

At OASIS, we believe in the power of exploration, connection, and staying active, no matter your age! That’s why we are thrilled to be able to go on these day trips designed to provide you with unforgettable experiences, opportunities to socialize, and engage in thrilling adventures. Join us as we venture out into the world and make lasting memories together!

members only classes

We pride ourselves on providing a diverse range of classes and groups designed to enrich your life and keep you engaged in fun-filled activities. From specialized exercise programs like arthritis exercise to ancient practices like tai chi, and from social clubs like the Friendship Club to creative endeavors like Ukelele, we offer a plethora of options to cater to your interests and passions.

fundraising events

 To ensure the continuity and success of our endeavors, we rely on the support of our incredible community members like you. Fundraising plays a crucial role in keeping the doors of OASIS open and enabling us to make a meaningful impact on the lives of seniors in our area. Each year we create fun and exciting events for the community to be apart of! 

Community classes

We take immense pride in being a hub of community engagement and inclusivity. We strive to be a key component in serving and supporting ALL members of our community, which is why we open our doors to various organizations and groups that share our vision of fostering a vibrant and connected community. 

kind words from Volunteers & Members

The people here are why I come here, from the members to the staff, they are all so wonderful.

Dee Pace
Volunteer Librarian & member since 2019

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