What is OASIS?

When we were founded in 1984, OASIS was an acronym for Orcutt Area Seniors In Service, Inc., an organization founded by seniors to serve seniors in Northern Santa Barbara County. We operate a majority of our programs and activities out of the Luis OASIS Senior Center.

We’ve since dropped the longer name and simply call ourselves OASIS. But our work remains the same: to serve seniors and improve conditions in our society at large for seniors to thrive.

Our membership exceeds 1,000 and continues to grow, and members include people of all ages. We serve more than 5,000 individuals on an ongoing basis.


Our mission

OASIS provides program opportunities for the community, with an emphasis on serving the aging population.

Our work

  • We work to educate and encourage a change in attitude among the public at large regarding the status of senior citizens in our community.
  • We work to prevent conditions that may lead to seniors becoming inactive, lonely, neglected or abused.
  • We work to enhance the delivery, coordination and development of services for senior citizens and their families.
  • We work to provide ongoing community support of senior citizens and senior services.

Our structure & funding

OASIS is an independent nonprofit organization. We are funded through private donations, event income, and community grants. And we rely on volunteers to help drive many of our activities.

Annual reports

View or download our annual reports: