Benefits of Membership

An OASIS membership in the amount of $35 per-year per person, provides you with full access to our popular programs (some are fee based), a subscription to our monthly newsletter, fresh produce at our monthly farmer’s market (at no cost), discounts at several Orcutt businesses, and advertising opportunities in our newsletter, and much more.


Reasons to Join OASIS 

The reasons to become a member and supporter of OASIS are too numerous to list all of them here…but we want to highlight a few of them:

  1. Fellowship. OASIS members are first and foremost a part of a local community of seniors serving and helping other seniors. So many of the programs we offer are designed to knit hearts together through service, and volunteerism.
  2. Service. We all have a stake in each others well being. And OASIS is a place to serve and to be served. That is our legacy, and that is one of our highest priorities.
  3. Volunteerism. One of the foundational principles and objectives of OASIS is to harness the kindness, generosity and goodwill that exists in abundance throughout our community. These bedrock values manifest first and foremost through a spirit of volunteerism. Seniors helping seniors is what OASIS is about.
  4. Personal Growth & Development. OASIS is a hub of opportunities to develop, grow and thrive. Learning or improving life skills, participating in productive activities, assisting others who are less fortunate…opportunities to travel with other OASIS members, this is what OASIS exists for. This is what our members understand to be our most valuable contribution to the quality of their lives.
  5. Member Discounts. The OASIS discount program focuses on local merchants. It is important to keep our dollars in our community and to take advantage of offered discounts. Go to the Discount Program page, you can access it by clicking on the Membership tab, and visit our list of local merchants who have agreed to extend OASIS members a discount on their products and services.