Groups & activities

Active groups and other regular activities.

AlAnon Family Group

A support group for the family and friends of those struggling with the addiction of alcohol.

Android phone users class

Learn how to use your phone, get questions answered, share ideas, get tips, make new friends. With Jim Bryan.

Arthritis Foundation Exercise

Increases strength, range of motion and flexibility through movement. Donations accepted

Led by: Blanca Ponce.
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Balance Workshop

Linda Laham offers this class to increase your balance, mobility and independence. Your first class is free. Subsequent classes are $5 each.

Bereavement support I

This grief group provides support and counseling from Certified Grief Counselors for those who are newly bereaved. Anyone who has suffered a recent significant loss is welcome to join. Led by Yael Gott.

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Weekly fun event just before lunch.

Led by: Julie Garcia.
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Build Your Own Body Exercise Class

Led by Linda Laham. The class will help you maintain cardiovascular health, strength and flexibility. This fast-paced class uses hand-held weights and music. Bring your own handweights, a water bottle and a hand towel. Recommended for intermediate to advanced participants.

Camera Club

Jim Bryan discusses the different uses of the camera.

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Card Makers

This group recycles old greeting cards and creates something entirely new. The cards are sold at the Oasis and are very popular.

Led by: Christine Neisinger.
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Members work with fresh clay as well as with pre-made items. They paint them and then fire them in the kiln here at the Oasis. Beginners welcome. $2 per person, plus $3.25 per one-third block of clay.

Led by: Carol Rodriguez.
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Commodities Program

The Oasis Commodities Program is a team of senior citizen volunteers that come together to purchase food from the Food Bank, sort and bag it, then distribute to families in our community.

Led by: Nancy Andersen.
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Country Two Step Fundamentals dance class

Learn the Country Two Step and Country Swing Dance. For beginners and intermediate. Open to all. $8 per person or $30 for four weeks. Beginners and advanced beginners, 6:15 to 6:45. Intermediate, 7 to 7:30.

Led by: Lee Anne Edie.
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Creative Arts Expressions

This group of artists has no instructor but is a great opportunity to make friends with fellow artists. They support and critique one another’s work. $1 per person.

Led by: Rosemary Mazzoni.
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Crochet & Knitting

Group members come together to knit or crochet their own projects. They learn and teach each other techniques and various patterns. They are patient and willing to work with beginners. $5/month donation.

Led by: Joyce Harmel.
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Farmers market

Members show their cards and receive free fruits and vegetables from the Oasis Center. (You must have your membership card.)

Friendship Club (Bereavement Support II)

This group is the next step after the New Grievers Group. Members meet up and have weekly discussions about their lives.

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A group of Oasis members that enjoy travel. They choose six to eight day trips each year for all to attend.

Garden Club

This group shares the love of plants and offers garden tips.

HAM Radio

HAM Radio operators can show you how to build your own radio and share information about operating them. $1 donation.

Led by: Ernie Sloan.
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Hand & Foot

A card game. Please call ahead for a space to play.

Led by: Marty Velasco.
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Hula Dance

Learn the Hula and other Polynesian dances. Open to all. With Pauline Plan.

Led by: Pauline Plan.
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Independent Painters

This is a great way to continue your projects from an earlier painting class. There is no instructor, but it is a fun group experience. $1 donation.

Led by: Vora Souza.
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This group helps grandparents learn how to raise their grandchildren. Please RSVP: 805-452-2896.

Led by: Colleen Sinclair.
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Kings of Swing: Ballroom Dancing with Marie King

A four-class series: Learn waltz, foxtrot, tango, rumba, cha-cha, salsa, swing and nightclub dances. No partner needed. No one left behind. All ages welcome, from teens on up. Wear comfortable clothes and leather-soled shoes. Cost is $36 for 4-week session. Preregistration encouraged, but you can register at the time of the class at week 1 or week 2 only.

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Line Dance

A dance class where partners are not needed. All levels are welcome. $5 fee.

Led by: Vanessa Robertson.
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MIT Traffic School

This is for court ordered traffic school for violations in English and Spanish. Call Michael Noury for appointment: 888-983-2444.

Mandarin Chinese Language & Culture class

A four-week advanced basic-level class, held on Thursday evenings. Instructor Liane Aanderaa.

Mineral Society

A club that shares an interest in gems and minerals.

Narcotics Anon

A support group or those that suffer with substance abuse.

Orchid Society

This group shares the common interest of the orchid flower.

Pancake Breakfast

This is a great place to get some pancakes, eggs and sausage while supporting OASIS Center. Adult members: $5; adult non-members $7; all children: $3.

Led by: Jodi Kennison.
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The goal of Reflexology is to relieve stress by massage of the hands and feet. $12 for 30 minutes. Call for appointment: 805-868-5796

Led by: Janice Lewis.
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Senior Exercise

The main purpose of this class is to increase cardiovascular strength, strengthen muscles and bones, and improve balance, all while having fun to lively music. $2 per class.

Led by: Lisa Griffith.
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Learn to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. $1.50 donation. Led by: Don & Sylvia Nasholm.

Simply Spanish

Learn to speak simple conversational Spanish. Meets once a week.

Tai Chi

Gentle stretching with a focus on balance, core, and movements for arthritis. The goal is to be out of pain and to feel and look better. For all levels, standing and sitting. $5 per session.    

Led by: Linda Laham.
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Ukulele Band

Directed by Dave Renshaw, the Luis Oasis Ukulele Band includes about 45 people. Members have weekly practice and play regular gigs in the community. Members range in age from their early 50s to 96.

No upcoming events scheduled at this time.

Ukulele Class (beginner)

Meets immediately prior to the ukulele band practice for instruction.

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Watch Battery Replacement

Come get your watch battery switched out here at the Oasis. Fee is $6, with $1 donated back to OASIS.

Led by: Louis Magdaleno.
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Yoga for Older Adults

This class focuses on stretching and relaxation, strengthening the core muscles of the body, helping to prevent back pain and gaining flexibility and balance. $2.50 per class (but your first class is free).

Led by: Julia Hill.
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